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At SkyVenture, we design, operate and franchise the vertical wind tunnels that have made the dream of human flight a reality.

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What is it?

  • It’s indoor skydiving. Our wind tunnels create a 150 mph vertical air column on which a person can safely float. No special skills are required, and virtually anyone can fly.

  • It's the experience of free fall, without having to jump out of an airplane. A SkyVenture vertical wind tunnel is the safest and most realistic indoor skydiving free fall experience available today.
  • It's inspired by the exhilaration that skydivers feel seconds after jumping out of an airplane. At SkyVenture, our goal is to deliver one of the most unique entertainment experiences available-one that inspires people to dream, to image, to fly.

Our Brands

Over five million people worldwide have flown in a SkyVenture-manufactured tunnel, under our brand names iFLY, SkyVenture, Airkix, Paraclete and FreeZone. With over 75% of the global market, our brands are the most recognized in the industry.


At the Start

SkyVenture was founded by professional skydivers with an ambitious sense of possibility. Knowing that the general public would love the thrill of free fall as much as they did, they set out to make the experience safe and accessible to everyone.

Milestones to Success

In 1998, SkyVenture invented the technology that delivered, for the first time,  wall-to-wall airflow in a skydiving simulator. This innovation eliminated the possibility of flyers falling off the column of air, making indoor skydiving safe for all ages and skill levels.

We tested our new technology with the opening of our first wind tunnel facility that year. SkyVenture Orlando (now iFLY Orlando) was hugely successful from the outset. It immediately became popular among professionals and novices alike. With this new technology and our commitment to customer satisfaction, indoor skydiving had become a viable entertainment attraction.

Expanding and Innovating

Alan Metni, a world-champion skydiver for the United States, joined SkyVenture as CEO in 2001. Alan and our team of talented engineers soon developed the recirculating wind tunnel designs for which SkyVenture has become famous. These innovations made our tunnels incredibly efficient and even safer.

In the following years, we continued to innovate. We designed and built bigger, faster and more efficient tunnels. SkyVenture’s third generation was the world’s first dual-loop recirculating wind tunnel. This design uses less than half the power of its predecessor. Our fourth, fifth and sixth generation designs each improved efficiency and added improvements in aesthetics, customer comfort and control systems.

Our commitment to the highest safety standards led us to establish the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) in 2003. The IBA is now the most widely-recognized organization in the world for training and accrediting vertical wind tunnel instructors.

Beginning in 2005, we launched our retail and franchise brands: iFLY, Paraclete, SkyVenture, Airkix and FreeZone.

Today, we have twenty-eight tunnels in operation around the world and six more under construction. We have always made customer satisfaction a cornerstone of our business. That commitment, and what we believe to be a great product, have made us the undisputed market leader and a worldwide presence spanning five continents.



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