Where to Fly

Indoor skydiving in a SkyVenture tunnel is an unforgettable experience. Fun for families, corporate groups, extreme sports enthusiasts, skydiving teams and even members of the military.

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Sao Paulo, Brasil

iFLY Sao Paulo - Pinheiros

Website: http://www.iflybrasil.com.br

Sao Paulo - Brasil

iFLY Sao Paulo - Adventure Mall

Website: http://www.iflybrasil.com.br

North America

iFLY Austin

Website: http://austin.iflyworld.com

iFLY Dallas

Website: http://dallas.iflyworld.com

iFLY Hollywood

Website: https://hollywood.iflyworld.com/

iFLY Seattle

Website: http://www.iflyseattle.com/


Website: http://www.iflysfbay.com/

iFLY Utah

Website: http://www.iFLYutah.com/

Paraclete XP SkyVenture

Website: http://www.paracletexp.com/

SkyVenture Arizona

Website: http://www.skyventureaz.com/

SkyVenture Colorado

Website: http://www.skyventurecolorado.com/

SkyVenture Montréal

Website: http://www.skyventuremontreal.com/

SkyVenture New Hampshire

Website: http://www.skyventurenh.com/


SkyVenture Alcantarilla

Website: www.iflysales.com

Brasilia, DF/Brasil

iFLY Brasilia - Lago Sul

Website: http://www.iflybrasil.com.br


iFLY Downunder

Website: Http://downunder.iflyworld.com


Freezone I & II

Website: http://www.realfly.ru/eng/

iFLY Dubai I & II

Website: https://www.iflyme.com/

iFLY Singapore

Website: http://www.iflysingapore.com/

SkyVenture Genting

Website: http://gentingwindtunnel.com/index.html