The International BodyFlight Association (IBA) was established in 2003 with its primary goal to maintain safety at affiliated facilities worldwide for both flying customers and flight instructors. The idea was to provide flight instructor training and establish a rating system that helps to match appropriately rated instructors to variously skilled flyers. The IBA was the first organization to provide safety standards for flight instructors and enthusiasts through education and training. A rating system was created and flight manuals were made available on the IBA site for public use to improve safety and to assist in growing the sport.

The sport of indoor skydiving has changed a lot since SkyVenture Orlando opened in 1998. Many new wind tunnels have opened, flying styles have progressed and tunnels have become bigger and faster. SkyVenture also changed the sport of freefall skydiving, and these days no skydiving competition can be won without wind tunnel training.

The IBA’s mission has grown as well to promote the sport of indoor skydiving and to host events and competitions to take the sport to new levels. The IBA is an interactive platform that grows organically with the sport and its growing participants. It suggests new programs, supports coaches and informs about the latest developments in the sport while constantly reviewing and improving instructor training and techniques.

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