Flight Experience

  • what is it experience Flight Experience

    It’s indoor skydiving. Our wind tunnels create a 150 mph vertical air column on which a person can safely float. No special skills are required, and virtually anyone can fly.

  • whocanfly kids Flight Experience No Experience Necessary. Children as young as three-years-old can fly in our tunnels—it’s a great activity for family outings and birthday parties.
  • tunnels flying Flight Experience The ultimate experience of flying starts here. Take our step-by-step tour.
  • what is it tunnel Flight Experience It's the experience of free fall, without having to jump out of an airplane. A SkyVenture vertical wind tunnel is the safest and most realistic indoor skydiving free fall experience available today.
  • whocanfly military Flight Experience

    Members of the military train with us for the most realistic skydiving simulation possible.

  • tunnels arrival Flight Experience Arrival. Customers use our pre-flight checklist page to prepare for their experience.
  • what is it inspiration Flight Experience It's inspired by the exhilaration that skydivers feel seconds after jumping out of an airplane. At SkyVenture, our goal is to deliver one of the most unique entertainment experiences available-one that inspires people to dream, to image, to fly.
  • whocanfly skydiving team Flight Experience A four-way formation skydiving team practices in one of our tunnels. These days, no skydiving competition can be won without wind tunnel training.
  • tunnels checkin Flight Experience Check-In. After arrival, customers check in with our flight team, register, and complete our waiver. They can also watch others fly from our observation area.
  • whocanfly elderly Flight Experience Young, or young at heart. Just about anyone can fly in our tunnels.
  • training 702 Flight Experience Classroom Training. First an instructor shows customers an introductory video. Next, the instructor teaches the customers basic body positions and the hand signals to use to communicate with the instructor during the flight.
  • whocanfly athletes Flight Experience The thrill of bodyflight satisfies even the most extreme of extreme-sports athletes.
  • tunnels gearup Flight Experience Gear Up. Included with every flight are knee pads, elbow pads, ear plugs, a flight suit, a helmet and goggles. At every step, the instructor is there and can assist customers as needed.

  • tunnel entering Flight Experience Entering the Tunnel. Customers then proceed with the instructor to the pressurized staging area. Each person generally takes two turns flying in the tunnel.

  • tunnels setUp Flight Experience Flying in the Tunnel. The instructor assists the customer with entering the tunnel. Throughout the flight, the instructor makes sure the customer is comfortable and having a great time flying.